Monday, October 19, 2009

Loan Options For Borrowers and First Time Home Buyers

Are you fully educated on what loan options are available to you? Are you working with a lender who can provide all of those options to you? There are many types of ARMs, niche programs, and even some stated income programs still available for self employed borrowers who are taking full advantage of the tax benefits but as a result show a low net income on their tax returns. Yes, there are still programs for them too although hard to find. Just think how many more qualified buyers there would be if they knew about those programs. I have attached a loan options grid for your reference. You should become very familiar with these options BEFORE going any further. This information is important for all potential buyers to read regardless as to who they use for financing. It will help better prepare you for the conversations they will soon have with a loan officer and make you more "street smart" in the area of home finance. YOUR LOAN PROGRAM OPTIONS

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